• Please dress modestly, sensitively and according to Islamic etiquette.
  • Remove shoes before entering the prayer halls and place them on the shoe racks.
  • Please do not eat or drink in the prayer halls.
  • Please be mindful of attendees and worshipers.
  • Minimize all conversations in the prayer halls.
  • Keep your children close to you at all times.

Technology Etiquette

  • Please observe cell phone etiquette in the prayer halls. Cell phones and electronics should be placed on “SILENT.” Cell phone conversations are not permitted in the prayer halls.
  • For event filming and photography, please contact the Office Manager for an appointment.
  • All Internet browsing on the masjid wireless should be appropriate for children and adults at all times. Individuals who view unacceptable materials online will be asked to leave.

Public Services

  • Friday Prayer services start at 1:00 pm during the Spring/Summer and at 12:00 pm in the late Fall and Winter.  The 5 daily prayers’ times change every day. The call to prayer (Adhan) will be done on time of prayer.

Office hours

Every day


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