Islamic Center Cemetery – Mezarje

Contact Islamic Center: (270) 846-0806.

Funeral homes: We as ICBG, have the Cemetery. We provide for our members a Casket, Kafan and Grave.


The service at the funeral home includes:

  • Body transfer from the hospital to the funeral home
  • Use of bathing room facilities.
  • Preparing the body, including Kafan.
  • Casket.
  • Funeral Van/car.


General Procedures

  • No reservation of the grave site(s) will be permitted. Only the gravesite immediately next to an occupied one, in compliance with the master plan, will be used.
  • No structure shall be allowed atop the grave site(s) except for a grave marker with at most the following information on it: the name and dates of birth and death of the deceased.


 How is the body recovered from the hospital?

When the body is ready to be released from the hospital, the funeral home should be authorized by the family to recover it and transport it to the funeral home.

Where should the body be washed?

The body should be washed at the funeral home of your choice then transported to the ICBG for funeral prayer (Salatul Janazah).

Which funeral home should we use?

The ICBG has arrangements with several funeral homes (in Bowling Green Ky) to provide our special services such as space for bathing and preparing the body. You may choose another funeral home and in these instances you must assume full responsibility of the process followed during the services. The names and telephone numbers of the funeral homes will be available soon.

Who pays the funeral home?

Paying all charges of the funeral home is the sole responsibility of the deceased’s family. the funeral home expects to be paid in full on the day services are rendered.

Where do I arrange for Salatul Janazah?

The Salatul Janazah could be arranged at the ICBG. If the body is brought to the Masjid, a funeral prayer will be held after the salat so that the body may be buried before Maghrib.

How do I pay for the grave digging?

Full payment of the services provided by the grave digger is sole responsibility of the family of the deceased. Full payments is to be made on the day services are rendered.

How do I mark the grave?

Minimum information needed is name, date of birth, and death of deceased.


Directions to the Cemetery

The Muslim cemetery is located in 2140 Morgantown Rd. Bowling Green Ky 42101.





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